You have 13 to choose from. Well 12, surely no one is going for number 7….?

Are you avowedly old school? Or only familiar with the reboot?

I’m clearly not talking about a GP, and I worry for your social engagement if you haven’t worked it out.

I’m not tragic enough to have gone to the cinema to mix with the Whovians, nor did I turn on the TV at 4.50 am, although I was sorely tempted. However, by 2 pm Sunday, ABC iVew had delivered me a very satisfactory 70+ minutes viewing and a problem.

I was already struggling to choose between Tom Baker and David Tennant when the inimitable John Hurt was thrown into the mix. Now, the tour de force that was Peter Capaldi’s debut has made it an even more difficult choice. So, just how many favourites are allowed?

It did take me nearly an hour to stop expecting the sort of profanities he so acerbically delivered as Malcolm Tucker in In The Thick Of It, but that in no way detracted from Capaldi’s performance. I never doubted he could do it, but I am prepared to admit I would not have been surprised if it had taken a couple of episodes for it to all really gel. It didn’t, it all works so well. I think it was genius having Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax as part of the first episode – writing for Strax must be an absolute joy. And I fully expect to see the return of River Song in this series. A LOT of River Song!

My Sunday evenings are locked in for the next little while.

*I think mine is Tennant, but I am not prepared to fully commit to that until I see a bit more of Capaldi. 

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