Pharmaceutical copywriting and strategy

S4 Copy offers a specialist copywriting, creative development and strategic planning service for pharmaceutical products and devices marketed in Australia, particularly those scheduled S4 and above.


Who is S4 COPY?

S4 Copy is Sue Storrier. I don’t sub-contract work, if you employ S4 Copy you employ me. 

I know a bit about medicine and science and quite a bit about pharmaceutical products and how to market them. I’m also all over the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, so I won’t be suggesting anything that’s going to lead to a hefty fine for breaching its provisions.


Why choose S4 COPY?

With 20+ years in the industry I have extensive experience; but it’s more than that. Not only can I understand the information and statistics in a clinical paper, I can pick the marketing advantage for a product, and use the clinical information to create compelling, audience-specific marketing messages. I’m a nerd, but I’m a nerd with a marketing brain and have no illusions about the purpose of marketing pharmaceutical products. 


What has S4 COPY done?

What hasn’t S4 Copy done really. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I can’t think of any therapeutic area I haven’t worked in. 

The work I do is primarily for prescription products, and usually commercial in confidence, so I can’t put any examples on the web, but I have done all the following in both print and digital formats.

• Ads                                        • Sales material

• Apps                                      • Animation

• Direct mail                            • Clinical reviews 

• Website copy                         • Display materials

• Videos                                    • Emails

• Patient support materials     • Education programmes

• Meeting materials                  • Posters

• Multimedia                              • Corporate communications